What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Much of my personal online story revolved around my experience working in the affiliate marketing industry, but without knowing what affiliate marketing is, it’s hard to grasp what I was saying.

Here is affiliate marketing, explained through the story of John and Dave.

John owns a company that sells diet pills that cost him $50 per bottle to manufacture, and that are sold for $100 on the market.  John has a great product, but he has no idea how he can market it to people and make sales.  John decides that his efforts are better put into improving his product, rather than learning how to sell it.  This is where Dave comes in.  Dave is a master online salesman.  John tells Dave that for every bottle of GetSlimNow that he sells, he’ll give him $10.  Dave is all for it, as all he has to do is sell the product, without having to worry about payment processing, fulfillment and customer service.  John loves this deal as well, as he can focus on his product and process, while still making $40 profit for every sale that Dave makes for him.  It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

Pretty nifty, right?  It is.  

There are 1,000,000 different twists that can be put on this model, but this is essentially what all affiliate marketing revolves around: someone selling someone else’s product for a commission. 

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