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What if I told you you’ve been lied to your whole life?

Your friends, parents, teachers and coworkers may have told you that “knowledge is power”.

This is false.  A fallacy.

Knowledge is not power.

Applied knowledge is power.

I love that you’re reading my blog right now.  I spend hours writing these posts and sharing what I know about affiliate marketing, and I love every second of it.

You could read my blog and every other bit of information about marketing on the internet, watch every YouTube lecture, burn through every guru’s eBook…

Yet, if you don’t take action and apply what you’ve learned, you’ll never make a dime.

Don’t wait around, start now.  Your first campaign will most likely fail, but at least you will learn from it (at least I hope you will).

My newbie days were plagued with this problem.  I would read and read and read, trying to find that one last bit of key information that I needed to construct the perfect campaign.

It doesn’t exist.  You’ll never feel ready, you just have to do it.

Your first campaign won’t and doesn’t have to be perfect.  Like I mentioned in my post about drowning in opportunity, you will learn more from your failures than you will your successes.

Free yourself from being attached to the outcome of your campaigns, don’t be scared to lose money.

You lost $500 on your first campaign.  But, using what you learned from that loss, your next campaign ends up profiting $1,000/day.  Do you still associate the same negative emotions with that lost $500?  Most likely not.

The examples I use in this post mainly relate to affiliate marketing, but these same concepts can be applied throughout your business and personal life.

If you’re a content creator and want to start a YouTube channel, don’t be deterred because you don’t have studio quality equipment.  Use an iPhone and learn how to market your brand.

The more time you waste pussyfooting around and postponing achieving your goals, the harder it’s going to be when (if) you actually do start.

Set goals.  They can pertain to money and revenue figures, but they don’t have to.

  • Launch my first campaign this week
  • Optimize my current campaign to profitability
  • $50 profit in a day
  • Scale campaign A to a new demographic

Time is the most fleeting asset that humans have.  Don’t waste it.


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