Selfie Video/Webinar Combo – It Converts

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I see a new “consulting business” or “real estate investing” product being marketed on Facebook almost every week, and they’re all sold in the same way. Some guy takes a video of himself in his mansion or his Lambo, claims he was broke and in debt X years ago, and is so happy to “finally be free” now due to his automated 0 effort, 0 time, 0 skills needed system¬†to riches. You’re then sent to a webinar where the same guy you saw in the video ad will be live pitching you his product. Pretty innovative right?

It is. These guys are good and their funnel works. The selfie video grabs your attention because it’s personal, and the webinar is effective because the product owner can speak straight to his audience, using his passion and personality to sell his product.

If you’re selling on Facebook, try out a similar funnel and see if you get results. This works best for products that are pricier; the grand scale of the marketing campaign makes the audience feel that they’re really getting something special. Slap a few thousand dollar price tag on the product, the buyers will really get sold by the scarcity.

Could have made this a long post, but figured a video is more digestible and it’s much easier for me to produce.

Didn’t go too in-depth on the process, just a surface level overview of the method and of course some rambling.

Test it out. Might work for you, might not. Worth a shot.

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