How to Buy CryptoCurrency

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Here’s a video on how to buy Cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin and Stratis, using the Gemini and Bittrex exchanges. If you have questions, reach out via email to

The Power of Discounts in Marketing

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Humans do many stupid things. As affiliate marketers, we can exploit these dumb behaviors and convert them to cash in our pockets. In this post, I’m going to talk about people’s powerful desire to save a quick buck and how affiliates can utilize this to improve their campaigns. People will cringe at the thought of giving away money for nothing. …

Pre-sell Pages: What, Why, and How

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Most people won’t buy something if it’s simply thrown in front of them, they need to be “warmed up” to the product and persuaded to purchase it. If you go to a Porsche dealership, the salesman isn’t going to point you to a 911 and leave, he’s going to try to sell you on the car by telling you why …

“Quality” Traffic?

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Quick note:  traffic = people/visitors/users that are sent to a website Throughout the online marketing industry, especially in affiliate marketing, advertisers and affiliates alike put a massive emphasis on sending quality traffic to their products.  So, what makes some traffic “good” and other traffic “bad”? There are a myriad of factors that go into determining the quality of traffic, but …

Affiliate Networks Explained

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We’ve established that affiliate marketing is where someone sells a product or service for someone else in exchange for a commission. An affiliate network is essentially a business that has a tracking system that houses thousands of offers from a variety of advertisers, and provides affiliates access to their platform so they can promote their offers.  Think of a network …

Cost Per Action – Broken Down

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CPA is simply a type of affiliate marketing.  You’ll hear a lot of these kind of acronyms, and they’re all just references to what constitutes a “conversion” for the affiliate.  Cost Per Trial, Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Lead, and more all fall under the umbrella of Cost Per Action, since they require the user to do something before a …

What You Need to Become a Successful Affiliate

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There isn’t really much.  The barrier of entry to earn an income online is next to nothing, which is why I’m surprised there aren’t more people doing it. Necessary   Computer – Obviously.  Get a good one too.  While you can technically do everything you need from an internet browser which doesn’t require a speedy computer, you may need to …

How to Scale Your Campaigns to $1,000/day

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People get into affiliate marketing to get rich. Making a consistent $3,000/month is neat, but we’re in this for big money. $1,000/day.   $50,000/month.   $1,000,000/year. These numbers are all too real to affiliates who have been in the business for more than a second. Once you understand the basics and are able to get your first campaign profitable, you’re …