Best Campaign to Make Newbies Their First $ Online

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Running your first campaign can be a daunting task.

You have to decide on an offer niche (dating, health and fitness, sweepstakes etc.), revenue model (CPS, CPL, CPT etc), and a traffic source to run on.

In this post, I’m going to tell you what I think is the optimal first campaign for a newbie affiliate marketer.

Here’s the formula: CPC traffic + CPL revenue model + Dating.

CPC traffic

As I mentioned in my post here, affiliates have choice when it comes to how they want to send traffic to their offers, and it can be easy to get distracted in trying to do too much at once.

Because of this, I would suggest that you first master paid traffic, with a Pay Per Click model.  PPC traffic means that you are putting your advertisement for an affiliate offer on an ad network’s site (PlentyOfFish, Google, Bing and more), and paying for each click that is delivered.

The reason I suggest PPC marketing is because you don’t need a substantial budget, and you can get started fast.  Most PPC networks can have you up and running a few hours after you signup.

Cost Per Lead offers

As a beginner, we want to be able to gain as much information as possible through spending the least amount of money.

Cost Per Lead offers provide newbies with everything they should want. CPLs are abundant across almost all affiliates network, and their payouts, typically $2-$8 per lead, are perfect for newbies who can’t afford huge ad spends.

“$2-$8 per lead??? Bullshit! I want to promote the $100 per sale offers!” is exactly what the overzealous newb is screaming in their head.

High payout CPS offers may seem attractive at first glance, but let me explain why they should be avoided like the plague by beginners.

Typically, when buying traffic to send to an offer, you need to spend 3x the offer’s payout to assess the traffic source.

Here’s two examples to demonstrate:

You decide to promote a dating offer that pays $40 for every sale that you drive to the advertiser’s website.  In order to find out if this offer converts and you should continue promoting it, you have to spend roughly $120 in advertising.

Take that same situation and swap the $40 CPS offer for an $8 CPL offer.  Instead of $120 for an effective test, only have to spend $24.

Taking this approach allows new affiliates to get the hang of running campaigns, without necessarily investing large amounts of money.


Everybody wants to find love/get laid, and this is what makes dating offers prime for new affiliates.  With such an abundance of traffic available, buying clicks can be cheap and you have many advertising options to choose from.

In addition, dating offers are available for every country in the world, and you need to take advantage of this.

Zimbabwe?  There’s an advertiser who’s dying for some traffic to their “ZimbabweanThatWantToNail” offer.  Take their money.

The US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are by far the most popular geo’s for dating offers, but like I said, target globally.  While there is a larger market for traffic for those five countries, traffic for smaller countries can be dirt cheap (I’m talking pennies per click) and provide you the opportunity to make a solid return.

For affiliates who are new and looking to experiment with a paid traffic campaign, running PPC traffic to a CPL dating offer is a great way to learn the ins and outs of optimizing a campaign to profitability.

This AsianDate CPL offer is a perfect example.  It pays anywhere from $4-$7, accepts PPC traffic, and converts on a simple first page submission.  You can find this offer on networks like MaxBounty and Clickbooth, or you can go directly to the AnastasiaAffiliate advertiser.


Get started.

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